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  • The Benefits of Self-Storage Solutions when Moving

    Tuesday, May 11, 2021   /   by Maria Ho

    The Benefits of Self-Storage Solutions when Moving

    As many of us know, moving into a new home can be a challenge. However, renting a self-storage unit can make that process a lot easier. Here are some ways that a self-storage unit can help you during your next move.

    Clear the clutter

    Even before the move, during the selling process, a self-storage unit can be incredibly helpful for removing clutter from your home and getting it ready for staging. This is a perfect time to take inventory of everything you own and decide what you want to keep and what you want to throw away.

    Make moving day less stressful

    Having some of your stuff in self storage before the move makes the moving day much less chaotic, so you won’t be overwhelmed by having to move all your items out at once. After you’ve moved the main portion of items into your new home you can go back into your storage unit and take things out at your own pace.  

    Self-Storage can help you get organized

    Whether you hire a moving company or decide to rent a moving truck yourself, having to unpack all your stuff into your new home in a short window of time can be daunting. When you are worrying about just getting everything into your new home quickly, it doesn’t give you much time to consider organization. If you have some of your larger items in storage before the move, you’ll have more flexibility to think about the organization and flow of your new home without feeling rushed.

    You can continue to use self-storage post-move

    You might like having extra space in your home and decide to keep renting your storage unit even after you have finished with your move. You will be able to store old furniture, books, bicycles, seasonal decorations, or a whole host of other things inside of your self-storage unit. Having extra storage is never a bad thing.  

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